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Introducing PORAZIET as your independent consultant

I am excited to introduce you to my comprehensive service portfolio. Whether you need interim management, business consultancy, or career coaching, my vast expertise is available to support you. Build upon my many years of international experience in management and consultancy in different industries, to help your organization realize targeted results. Using a hands-on approach, along with feet-on-the-ground cooperation with your teams.


I understand that personal contact is important in finding the right consultant. That is why I offer you the opportunity to connect even more easily with me now via my new website.


You’ll find out more about my services and the contact page contains all the necessary information to connect. Make also sure to stay tuned however with PORAZIET's future updates on service offerings and projects concluded by subscribing below.


I am looking forward to getting in touch and working with you and taking your organization to the next level by creating flow as key success factor for results.

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